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Traumatic Brain Diagnostics of Florida

About Us

Our Vision


Many people get into an auto accident but don’t get the proper testing to ensure there isn’t long-term damage in the brain.

All it takes is 2 G’s of force (5-10 mph) to cause concussive symptoms. Right now there is a huge need to properly and objectively diagnose TBI from an auto injury.


We provide a unique TBI protocol that will objectively identify if there was traumatic brain injury from a recent auto accident.

The main function is our leading diagnostic test which will help determine the nature of impairment and corresponding treatment needed to optimize recovery.

Our Goals

Trusted. Accurate. Results.

We designed this company because we realized there were two primary needs in the personal injury arena:


Provide top-notch TBI diagnostic care that collect objective data to make better-informed decisions about the nature of impairment and the corresponding treatment needed to optimize recovery.


Present these services at an affordable rate that is well below all competitors to ensure that each patient has the opportunity to be at ease knowing they can get this type of testing done if necessary.